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    What is Terfenol-d?

    To answer what is terfenol-d, it might be helpful to ask another question: what is TbDyFe alloy. Furthermore, we also ask what is Rare Earth Giant Magnetostrictive Alloy. Actually, they are all referring to the same material.

    The answer can be viewed in this way. Most of the time, when we say Rare Earth Giant Magnetostrictive Alloy, we are talking about TbDyFe alloy. Under the brand name of Terfenol-D, the first TbDyFe alloy was developed in the 1970s by the Naval Ordnance Laboratory in the United States.

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    rare earth magnetostrictive alloy(also known as REMA, TbDyFe Alloy or Terfenol-D)

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